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  • Project Evaluation
  • Analysis of protection measures in the design and construction of the systems architecture
  • Modeling risk


  • Debugging circuits in the layout and in the emulator
  • Prototyping
  • Construction of prototypes


  • Monitoring system
  • Access control systems
  • Energy-saving systems
  • Schemes of devices for digital and analog circuit engineering
  • Remote-control systems
  • Communication systems

Who we are

Denita Global is a team of qualified experts in the field of the development, radio engineering and electronics. Our team includes developers applications for embedded systems running Windows 10 IoT Core, developers of applications for managing external devices from the desktop Windows version, as well as Android developers.

Denita Global team has proven experience in the development of systems for automation and monitoring of processes in real time, such as an access control system in the premises, using RFID and NFC technologies, fingerprint readers and iris scanners. We are also engaged in research and development of smart home security issues such as warning and prevention systems for flooding, gas leaks and smoke.


Our Projects

Real Time Access control System

Let employee(s) come in and come out to the room, using

  • RFID card
  • NFC or Smartphone (Windows 10, Android)
  • IRIS
  • Finger print
  • Individual numeric key

Alarm manare via email or social network bot if any of the Control Device out of order in case of

  • Fault
  • Break/destruction
  • No AC Voltage/low battery

Let Manager control all employees

  • Time of come in/out, amount and time of breaks
  • Grant and deny access to the specific rooms for specific employees
  • Add new employee, fire old on
  • Add or remove access types (RFID, IRIS, etc.) for specific employees

Real Time Access control System that consist of

  • Cloud based server
  • Unlimited amount of Control Devices

Flood Control Monitor

  • Determine water leaking
  • Turn off the pump and/or water pipesz
  • Alarm user with push notification that leaking is detected


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